Voice Loggers / Call Logging Solutions

Call Logging is an absolute requirement for public safety in organisations, be it the police department, airlines, hospitals or any institution. It means capturing every call, whether it is telephony, passive or active VoIP recording, etc. Voice Logging is also necessary for many telephonic transactions like share-trading, tele-banking, etc. Aided by the mandate from Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) that all stock traders must have voice records for all their trading activities, a rapid development of the Voice Logger has taken place.

Neutrons audio recording solution works with virtually every type of telephony solution available, from traditional analog and digital telephony, to SIP-based VoIP recording. It gives you the flexibility to easily transition your logging requirements into next-generation technologies, supporting a wide range of PBX platforms, extensions and IP switches.

Capturing, recording and storing are the basics of call logging software. What you'll be able to do with those recordings is where we make a difference. You'll be able to quickly locate calls based on a range of search parameters: caller ID, location, incident ID, date and time, user name, and more. We provide a variety of options for call retention, for example, selective call deletion i.e. retaining call data while deleting the actual recording. You need options that allow you to use the best combination of resources that you already have or would like to acquire. We offer a wide range of storage, audio logging and archiving possibilities, so that you can use the most cost-effective option for your environment. And of course, you'll have recording options: total recording or recording on demand. These and others are standard features so they'll be available from day one.

Neutron is your one-stop shop for complete Communications and Logging Solutions, featuring the most innovative technology. We provide a highly customized, modular solution, keeping future expandability and upgradeability in mind. Our experts personally supervise the implementation of all projects from concept to completion, followed by regular maintenance and support.


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