Telepresence: The Ultimate Meeting Experience

Telepresence refers to advanced technology which allows a person to feel as if they were present or to give the appearance of being present, at a place other than their true location.

Neutrons Telepresence Solutions envelop the participants in a luxurious, comfortable meeting environment where the technology is transparent and the high definition video clarity is so sharp that the far end participants appear to be just across the table, even though they may be physically present across the world. The eye-to-eye contact is amazingly real, and the spatial audio causes heads to turn, almost unconsciously, to face the speaker.

As organizations become more diverse in business applications, acquisitions and mergers become more commonplace and multi-national workforces become the standard, decision makers are looking for ways to make communicating among their knowledge workers effortless. Gone are the days of extended travel, waiting in long airport security lines, travel delays, inflated travel budgets and lost productivity. Telepresence is the ultimate meeting experience for executives in any organization, linking sites across the globe.

Extraordinary audio and video quality in a telepresence setting: You ll see every detail from the far end on large-as-life video displays and experience spatial audio from the combination directional ceiling microphones and stereo speakers.

Complete interoperability with other video communications solutions: Multiple participants can join a call from rooms with high definition as well as traditional, standard definition, video conferencing systems.

Transparent technology for a more comfortable meeting environment: Cameras, microphones, speakers, remote controls and other technology are removed from the users view so there are absolutely no distractions. The result is an uncluttered, welcoming immersive room in which to have a productive meeting.

Large format, seamless visual displays: Video participants are shown in high definition, true-life dimensions on multiple, seamless displays at the front of the room, along with furnishings, studio lighting, acoustic cloud and walls – creating a true room-within-a-room.

Multiple, flexible configurations to suit your application: Standardize on a design and build a room that fits your facility and applications. Optional peripherals and customization offer expanded flexibility.

Benefits of Telepresence

  • Decision-makers, Boards of Directors and subject matter experts use their time in meetings more effectively because their focus is on the discussion at hand, not the technology
  • Productivity is increased because executives spend more time working and less time travelling
  • Business relationships develop and are made stronger through continual, face-to-face telepresence communications
  • Sharing of ideas across distances is enhanced through content sharing and collaboration in conjunction with a real-life video presence
  • Limited financial resources that were spent on travel can now be utilized elsewhere more productively
  • Project teams experience accelerated decision-making and reduced time to market with new products
  • The quality of life for an organizations most valuable resource, its people, is preserved and results in greater employee retention

Neutron is your complete one-stop shop for establishing a Telepresence setup, featuring the most innovative technology solutions. We provide a highly customized, modular solution, keeping future expandability and upgradeability in mind. Our experts personally supervise the implementation of all projects from concept to completion, followed by regular maintenance and support.


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