Communications Solutions Design Consultancy

Design is a complex, critical part of any successful AV or Communications project. When Neutron designs a solution, we work closely with the customer throughout the process to ensure that all their needs, concerns, constraints and expectations are addressed, in the most cost effective manner.

Technology is changing so rapidly that one year often represents one or two generations of products. There is often a need to integrate various media technologies into a seamless unit, and interactivity is becoming a common requirement.

Our professional team is dedicated to delivering solutions that not only dazzle and electrify the senses, but are also easy to operate and fun to use. We can create a custom solution for any home, business, automotive or luxury need. From installing a custom home theatre system to integrating a commercial video display system, Neutron can help you with ANY audio-video or communication need. Any size. Any application.

Our Consultancy process:

Neutron is your complete one stop shop for Communications Solutions, featuring the most innovative technology. We provide a highly customized, modular solution, keeping future expandability and upgradeability in mind. Our experts personally supervise the implementation of all projects from concept to completion, followed by regular maintenance and support.


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