Mobility Solutions

All over the world, organizations have reworked their business processes to take advantage of the latest developments in technology such as the Internet, IP communications, and mobility. However, even with an explosion of ways to reach employees - mobile phones, e-mail, instant messaging, and voicemail all too often employees still cannot reach one another very efficiently. The result is delays in business processes as staff must wait for returned phone calls or e-mail replies before proceeding. As more people own multiple devices, ranging from laptop computers to mobile phones to mobile e-mail devices, they spend more time managing their communications across different phone numbers, voice mailboxes, and e-mail accounts, limiting their ability to accomplish work efficiently.

Neutron adds mobility to traditionally wired applications and integrates various forms of communications such as voice calls, video calls, voice mail, email, text, fax messaging, data sharing, cloud services, Instant Messaging , etc. across endpoints, devices and applications to create a unified communications user interface and experience.

Neutrons Mobility Solutions, which includes IP telephony, unified messaging, customer contact, and video conferencing, can dramatically help businesses communicate more efficiently. The combination allows knowledge workers who are mobile, whether on a retail floor or at an airport or at a Wi-Fi hotspot in a local coffee shop, to also enjoy the efficiencies and speed of Unified Communications.

For example, office professionals, who spend most of their time at a desk may be served best with a desk phone and modest mobility capability such as the single-business-number-reach feature that rings a mobile phone when the professional steps away from the office. Campus-based employees, on the other hand, such as managers, manufacturing workers, healthcare professionals, and retail associates, who spend significant time in meetings, in non desk settings, or away from traditional office environments, may need a different option. This could include smartphones or wireless IP phones in addition to desktop-based phones and single-business-number-reach services. Mobile workers and those who work from a variety of locations may need soft-phone-equipped laptop computers and feature-rich smartphones - solutions that consist of a user-friendly interface with powerful features of integrated directory information, presence, single-business-number-reach, calling features, text messaging, and conferencing. The rapid adoption of mobility in the business world and the increasing speed of business strongly suggest the future growth of mobile devices and applications in all areas of the workplace.

Neutron is your one-stop shop for complete Communications and Mobility Solutions, featuring the most innovative technology. We provide a highly customized, modular solution, keeping future expandability and upgradeability in mind. Our experts personally supervise the implementation of all projects from concept to completion, followed by regular maintenance and support.


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