Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions: Boardrooms / Conference Rooms / Huddle Rooms

Walk into any conference room and you'll find people relying on technology for communication and collaboration. Instead of flying executives all over the globe, organizations save millions in travel expenses by deploying audio and video-conferencing solutions to facilitate communication between multiple locations. Neutron’s Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions encompass a range of offerings to meet the needs of any conference room - from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms and auditoriums.

Certain small to mid-sized meeting room applications may require only an audio conferencing solution (no video). Neutron provides wired and wireless audio conferencing solutions which comprise of either standalone units or a complete solution integrated with speakers, dialers and multiple microphones. The audio conferencing system can also be integrated with EPABX and IP Telephony Systems where required.

Seamless integration of audio and video conferencing equipment, cameras, projectors, display devices, digital whiteboards, recording systems, microphones, speakers and control systems in conjunction with the room décor, lighting and acoustics, controlled from a single, easy-to-use touch panel is the order of the day for any modern boardroom. Our range of solutions includes futuristic devices that are intelligently interlinked.

Top executives scattered around the world are brought into the boardroom virtually through audio and video conferencing systems; facts, figures high definition images and other multimedia content are presented and shared with ease; discussions are lifelike and continue uninterrupted. Since every application is different, Neutron provides a highly customized solution, taking into account:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of connecting to distance sites
  • Bandwidth calculations and requirements
  • Camera coverage ensuring visibility of all attendees
  • Hi-quality legibility, visibility and audibility of subject discussion
  • Minimal ambient noise
  • Physical comfort
  • Avoidance of ‘crow’s nest of wires’
  • Interoperability with software based video communication using smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops

Neutron is your complete one-stop shop for Audio-Video Conferencing Solutions, featuring the most innovative technology to setup state-of-the-art Boardrooms and Conference Rooms – for training, presentations or general discussions. We provide a highly customized, modular solution, keeping future expandability and upgradeability in mind. Our experts personally supervise the implementation of all projects from concept to completion, followed by regular maintenance and support.


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